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Cha + Influence to act normal: 3d6.hits(5)=0
Judge Intentions: 7d6.hits(5)=3
For Strangeglove's weird behavior

On Jon's Aura you will see he is a
neither happy nor unhappy, focused
mundane human with average essence
He is "the least interesting person in the world" I dont always drink but when I do I drink filtered, tasteless tap water!
BishopMcQ he appears to be freaking out about something about Q but is trying to divert the attention away from him - a little panicky perhaps.

Copperheed People that saw through the disguise were Strangeglove, Fat Man, and Emilio. People who resisted the spell were Fat Man and Zero.
Copperheed--What mods are you running in the earbuds/contacts etc? (Trying to piece together stuff for the TacNet presuming the group doesn't implode from spells etc before we get started.)

Lain/Hamagen/Emilio--Any earbuds, glasses, contact lenses etc? If so, what mods are in there?

QUOTE (BishopMcQ @ Sep 24 2012, 07:10 PM) *
Copperheed--What mods are you running in the earbuds/contacts etc? (Trying to piece together stuff for the TacNet presuming the group doesn't implode from spells etc before we get started.)

Lain/Hamagen/Emilio--Any earbuds, glasses, contact lenses etc? If so, what mods are in there?

I had set a smartlink to the gun, does that require contact lenses or something on the eyes? He wears blue contact lenses so they could be linked to the smartgun.
You need a smartlink at the other end too--comes in cyberware or external parts like contacts/glasses. Cost a couple hundred nuyen.
Bishop: Normal Vision (simrig), Normal Hearing (simrig), Normal Olfactory (simrig), Natural Low-light Vision (simrig), Emotional Software (microsensor), Laser Rangefinder (microsensor), Motion Sensor (microsensor), Radio Signal Scanner (microsensor), Spatial Recognizer (earbuds), Ultrasound (glasses). This comes out to 10 senses I believe.
I've no problem joining the tacnet, just thought a bit of roleplaying would keep the feel of the Shadows being dangerous, properly paranoid places.

And what do I roll when attempting to watch for people being shocked at the difference between my disguises?
Copperheed--Judge Intentions (SR4A p. 139 -- Int + Cha) is always a safe choice for a gut-read on someone unless Buddha has a more specific choice. Also there's an opposed test if someone is using Con or the like.

Eye Laser Designator
Eye Laser Range Finder
Eye Light System
Low Light Vision
Thermographic Vision
Image Enhancement
Direction Microphone
Spatial Recognize
Audio Enhancements

Normal Hearing
Normal Smell
Normal Tactile
Normal Taste

When it's helpful, all of my Drones and Vehicles have a sensor rating of at least 4, so they can all contribute another 4 channels each.
Nexus Specs:
Firewall: 6
Response: 3
System: 6

Persona Limit: 10
Processor Limit: 30
Do TacNets have a passive mode--where it receives sensory input from a source but doesn't stream back course of action suggestions?
Not really sure, Eklipse is just acting on impulse and ordering 'his team' around as usual. Techie stuff is for techies.

My inner GM would make you roll computer + edit (or spoof) or something similar to see if you can strip out Eklipse's feeds from the data going to their commlinks or recycle the last few minutes of data. If that doesn't work, you could always just drop them from the tacnet for a bit - Eklipse is unlikely to notice.
It seems we have the same inner GM because I was going to say roll me a Computer + Edit to alter their tacnet data steam. smile.gif
Man I wish Widget had sent over a dossier on the new hires...

Glad to know I was right that the mental influence spells were scarier than combat *sigh*

Budda, can Q ready an action to use "The Voice" while he's talking to the group? While I definitely don't want to get in a 9 v 1 fight, I'd also like a smidgen of chance to flee.

And are the teacups/ china sets we're drinking from worth anything? Q has 8dice for knowing things about Luxury Tastes.
You can indeed ready to use the Voice power and yes they are indeed worth quite a bit.

Contact Lenses R3
Image Link
Goggles R6
Flare Comp
Vision Enhancement 3

As for joining the Tacnet, I thought Emilio did that at the club when you were looking over pieces of gear. Since he'd been in before, he would have done it again. If we didn't do that, I'll edit my post and not send something over the Tacnet. smile.gif
Emilio--yep, you were given access. I'm just trying to make sure we have enough sensors for our rating and who i need to get up to snuff. This is separate from the current IC events.
Edit test -- 14d6.hits(5)=7
I'm glad I listened to my friend and didn't play a Matrix user right off the bat. It seems you guys have even more to learn and keep track of than mages. Nice roll btw.
Copperheed--thanks. The matrix stuff all depends on how deep into the rabbit hole you want to fall. Tacnets are a lot of paperwork and tracking to setup, but once they are in place its not too bad. Likewise, the hacking side requires some back and forth with the GM to clarify expectations since in can be abstract at times. If you're open and say what you want to do, it works pretty well. The "passive modeon the tacnet" is an example where the book doesn't really say a concrete rule, but we worked through it.
For everyone's information, I post Strangeglove's motivation for various actions because he's got three dice to conceal his motivations, so at an average of one success, it's pretty easy to infer what he's doing and why. Watching Strangeglove is like watching a 16 year old; they think they're subtle, but anyone over the age of 25 isn't going to be surprised.
Hi all.

Sorry for delay in responses, as some of you already know, I am out of town working so my answers will be sporatik at best, I also forgot to put my character sheets on my laptop so I don't have them.

If I remember correctly, the only thing I have is Contacts with Imagelink/Smartlink.

Unfortunately, Breeze is a character I still made early on, so I didn't know what to buy and not to buy, getting more stuff once he gets money.
Fat Man is now putting Counterspelling on everyone (including Q). I'll edit his gear post for Counterspelling as well.

To clarify (it got spread out a little, and I want to keep IC knowledge straight): it looks like Fat Man can see that Q is disguised, just not what he really looks like. He's assuming the magical effect is the Illusion school spell he saw when Assensing Q, and is basing what he said about Q's aura on the results of that aura reading as well (his logic is that if Q were an imposter or something, he would have been tense at the start of the meeting).
Remember also that the original mind-frag comment came from the hacker--the same hacker who said to put an adept on the moon (and see how well she fights) to determine if she was magic.

Course of events:
Q: "Hi I frag with people's minds"

SG reaches over Q.
Q looks at SG.
SG freaks out about Q.

Obviously, mind-fragging was the logical jump for the guy who learned everything he knows about magic from Action-Sims.
A thanks goes out to all of you, especially Budda for letting me try these disguise shenanigans. The very brief run down without spoiling things for later is that Q is a strongly Surged, exceptionally freakish orc who disguises himself to something disturbing but less horrifying, and then adds another magical layer over that to become normal. This is his running persona and the one that Strangeglove knows him as. He does this because of the massive dice penalty and obvious personal reasons.

Budda, we're not in wifi right? I've got a bit of advice for Widget about not getting her assets to implode.

Bishop: I'm going to have to go back and read that bit because it sounds hilarious. I've not read any of the IC posts before I showed up so as not to have a prejudgement of the characters.

And to any with assenssing, Q is dual natured. Forgot that bit when you were rolling tests. Where does that fit in the # successes chart?
No problems - this particular group is compromised of a larger than normal fringe/freak component so I think it will be fine in the long run and hell - this is roleplaying! If you all could hold down normal jobs as mid level managers you would be.

Fenris let me know what else you want to check out at the site - other rolls etc.

All roleplay to your fill then let me know when you want to sent the next group to recon the warehouse which I think will be the mages and hacker? Let me know.
I think this one slipped under the radar: Fat Man was asking James Wang (C2/L4 Talismonger/Smuggler contact) if he knows anything about Zuzane, specifically if he knows anyone who's gotten the short end of a deal from her.
Copperheed you have access right now since the house isn't shut up tight as I understand it but as soon as all the windows and doors are closed it would be harder to get a signal outside. Feel free to send a note to Widget.

UmaroVI thanks for the reminder - I will get a post up this afternoon after my morning errands or right now if fortune favors me.
Buddha--undoing the edit on the feed, let me know if you need a die roll. Also, from our info is Zuzane in control of the entire warehouse (all the sections) or just parts of it?
BishopMcQ no die roll needed but thanks for checking - she is the sole owner of this warehouse.
As usual, I'm all for a bump. I think we're past the interesting bits.
Cripes, a lot has happened since I last posted. I'll get an RP post up soon. x_x
Zero, timing wise, is that post part of the previous magical goings on, or are you sensing magic after things had calmed down?
Is the double parentheses okay in IC, or should I only mention here that Veil is Q's name for the Physical Mask spell?

Budda: Am I allowed to default Assenssing for the other players? I'm superstitious about rolling when not required to and since this isn't a PvP group, I'm comfortable just defaulting to 2 successes.

JxJxA: Does Zero still have the fire elemental you rolled up way back when? Q's quite curious about but still courteous to spirits and would say hello. Of course I'd have to spot it first if its still here.

Bishop: I'm cool with joining the Tacnet, I'm just roleplaying the question with Q.

And to All, is there a preference for directing emails? Which is preferred: << Budda[Copperheed] >> or << @Budda >> I saw @ used and find it much quicker myself.

Does anyone mind if I switch to a Irish-ish accent with Q? I had the idea from the start, but didn't know how to portray it. I've done some studying and have the beginnings of one. I wanted to get your thoughts before changing his speech pattern noticeably. And if I do change it, can I go back and edit previous dialogue or just go from here?
Go right ahead with your accent. Strangeglove has a really thick African accent, but I can't figure out how to type it.

He talks like these guys. Actually, the Vice Guide to Liberia was the inspiration for this character. It's a fantastic show, if you've got time to watch it.
Copperheed I'm fine with the accent as well and good luck - I find it very challenging to do accents on PbP games. I'm fine with you defaulting on Assensing Tests in not critical situations (the guy at the local Gas & Gulp, the waiter at your sushi bar, etc).

Emilio thank you for finishing the Gear post before Friday.

All who is going for the 2nd wave of recon and in what vehicle?
I'll go if there's space. The car might be too full of mages.
You can always take more than one vehicle - your rigger is called Fleet you know! smile.gif
Mages to the warded car, park a few blocks away and roll in.

Cypher to a nearby cybercafe, diner.

Muscle in car 3--remember SUBTLE, no grenade troll or rolling by tossing a satchel charge out the window with enough plastique to level a mechanics shop. Just saying... nyahnyah.gif
Eklipse will follow car 3 on his bike but park a block or two away from the warehouse and approach on foot and preferably across rooftops.
QUOTE (BishopMcQ @ Sep 27 2012, 12:01 PM) *
Mages to the warded car, park a few blocks away and roll in.

Cypher to a nearby cybercafe, diner.

Muscle in car 3--remember SUBTLE, no grenade troll or rolling by tossing a satchel charge out the window with enough plastique to level a mechanics shop. Just saying... nyahnyah.gif

haha blow up one shop and everyone remembers.. well all those that survive smile.gif

@Strangeglove: It's the previous roll. I hadn't really checked up on things here in a while because I was busy with other stuff.

@Copperheed: Zero doesn't have anything up right now. I figured they were gone when I deleted my post. I might start casting now, though. Just in case, well, it's something else... nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (Strangeglove @ Sep 28 2012, 03:50 AM) *
I'll go if there's space. The car might be too full of mages.

If by "full of mages" you mean too small for a fat, smelly troll, then yes. There might not be space for you. nyahnyah.gif
I'm not scouting. Instead I'll be looking around for anyone working with Zuzane as close associates in preference to just random jobs. Anyone want to join me for asking around about Zuzane and her contacts? We'll be visiting Madam Yin and whomever else we can get leads on. Physical and/or social back up wouldn't go unappreciated.

And that's an interesting video SG. One I hadn't seen before.

And is the seperate language in IM done correctly? Its in Japanese.

@Budda: Meave is a tailsmonger contact (C4/L2). She's who I'd get lodge materials from correct? And I also plan to ask her in person if she's any knowledge of Zuzane. I don't expect her to have the knowledge on hand, but she likes face to face interactions more. I figure she can IM me later if she's found anything.

@Bishop: Do you need to see my commlink stats? Cypher might be a bit surprised at the power of it given that Q's not mentioned hacking as a skill set. And when he accesses it is there a virtual setting/landscape with it or does he not dive into it?

Commlink: NovaTech Airware with Custom OS (Response 6, Signal 3, Firewall 6, System 6)

I'm against the killing mostly because Zuzane sounds like a potentially useful contact. I don't know the actual strength of her operations but when you've got a social hammer, everything is a social nail.

And could Burn Notice be considered an example of Shadowrunning?
Coppherheed That's an excellent show and so is Leverage as well. The language post was spot on - just be sure to include so note on what language it is like you did here or in the IC post.

Fenris what wheels are free and start stuffing people in cars to send them on their merry way please. smile.gif
Okay okay, so available I've got 3 Shin Hyang's (armored sedans, essentially, and let's assume that they're actually a Shin-Hyang, a BMW 400GT, and a GMC Commodore), and the jack-rabbit.

2 of the sedans are obviously armored and troll modded, and have concealed turrets with semi-auto shotguns loaded with stick-n-shocks for crowd/vehicle suppression, and each one sits 5.

The other sedan has concealed armor and is a bit more low-key, as is the Jack Rabbit. So, did the mages ward one of the sedans or the Jack Rabbit?

Sedan 1 or 3 or Jackrabbit (depending on Fat Man's choice: Zerone, Fat Man, Emilio

Sedan 2: SG, Breeze, Jon

Sedan 1 or 3, depending on mages: Cypher

Also going to initiate Capture Wireless Traffic at the site (I'm just going to grab everything and dump it into the nexus at this point...) Electronic Warfare + Sniffer(3):
EW (5) + PuShEd (1) + Sniffer (6) (12d6.hits(5)=7)

@Fenris: Fatman and Zero have a pretty good working relationship, so I think he'd feel most comfortable traveling with his fellow mage. smile.gif

@Buddha: Making an astral perception test. Actually got some luck on this low dice pool (need to work on those skills next...)

Int(3) + Assensing(2) = 5d6 for 4 hits. Let me know if I used the wrong dice pool as I always get confused when trying to find the astral perception rules. x_x
Didn't want to post out to the recon sight or anything, since you'd asked us not to assume successful completion of any action that might be challenged by others/environment.
Happy Monday All!

I have updated the karma total for the game so make sure to record the new total. I am going to try and wrap up the last bits of the recon this week so you all can start the actual run the following week.

Fernis thank you for remembering. smile.gif

JxJxA to see something in the astral is still a Perception Test - you would use Assensing for readings auras etc. Was that test intended for back at the house?

Ok I am going to post you all arriving so go ahead and throw out your actions along with relevant dice rolls.

Copperheed & Notsoevildm throw up a post letting me know your plan on approaching Madame Yin so I can get that started as well.

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