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Copperheed looks solid and Heightened Concentration takes a Complex Action to activate so not this action - sorry. There is nothing else affecting the roll to heal Strangeglove.
Ok, so with 3 healing Q brings SG from 19P/10S to 16P/10S?

Do drugs that provide bonuses to Body increase your physical damage track? If so, SG has a 17 physical damage track, and is no longer dying.
And if that's true, can one willingly fail a composure check? Because Strangeglove has an Adrenaline pump, which requires a composure check to keep from activating in stressful situations. I didn't bother with it before, because dying. But if I can willingly fail that check, Strangeglove will be up and dangerous with a grand total of 1 hit point.

Mildly related, how do temporary modifiers like drugs and adrenaline stack with cyberware?
For example, SG has a base Str of 9, and an arm of 13, for an average of 11. If he takes kamikaze (+1 str) and turns on his adrenaline pump (+1 str), is his average str now 12 (11+13/2)?
Strangeglove they would increase your damage track though keep in mind when they wear off away go the extra boxes. I am fine with players choosing to fail checks if they want. As far as I know they do stack with cyberware so your Strength would increase.

Feel free to correct me BIshopMcQ if I am off base with anything.

Don't forget the incoming message from BishopMcQ's new character - worried it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.
Be VERY careful, the pump does serious damage when it ends.
Serious enough to sometimes kill people who are mildly hurt, and with SG sitting on death's door and it is even dicier.
My theory was that being awake with negative effects coming down the pike would be better than being unconscious and at the mercy of concrete golems, but I'm used to playing D&D where there's plenty of options for healing.

There's no quick hp recovery other than magical healing, correct? Medkits are 1 round per hitbox, and there's nothing to be done in 1d6 rounds?

But now that you mention it, I'll get stuck with 1d6 stun (overflowing to lethal).

Dang. It was close, but I guess SG will snooze until the run is over.
Will get a response to message up soon. Been down with a bad cold last couple of days.
Got it out. Hope I didn't step on any toes describing what Q sees.

I didn't forget Bishop; Rikk only messaged Eklipse, correct?

And I was intending for SG to stand up since he's the only thing here can lift his over 1/4 ton tush, much less carry it. A point that might help is if Q can heal him some more. The heal spell says "A character can only be magically healed once for any single set of injuries." (SR4A 208) Does this mean I can try to heal more for the other two times SG received damage since he took three discreet hits, even though they were a chained combo. At least it wasn't an aerial juggle. If you choose to stay down then, we'll have some tough decisions.

Separately, Budda would it be a good idea to have the auto-cab have it's own init since we might fight over its direction? Or does it just go at the end of the round like a grenade?
copperheed--Yep, that was the contact that Widget gave me.
All is everyone ok with using their Initiative from last time or do people want to reroll? Let me know - once I have majority I will go forward with that choice.

Copperheed normally I don't go with individual injuries since its a nightmare with the bookkeeping for each wound but I am going to allow it this time so that a player can get back into the action/game and it is easy to reference the wounds via posts but this is a one time deal so enjoy it, savor it then wave goodbye. smile.gif You can attempt to use the Heal spell two more times on Strangeglove and the current one must be sustained for twice the DV in Combat Turns. The autocab is under the control of the Ninja Sex Kitten so it goes on her Initiative hence it's lack of actions last Pass since it was trying to disable the runner group from following the cab using the cyberarm.
im ok with keeping the same init,
do we still have actions this round?
Lain you are correct! I just saw Strangeglove having more actions.

Initiative Order
Gothic Mage 16/1 IP Delaying
Jon 16/1 IP <<<
Fat Man 16/1 IP Delaying
Q 11/1 IP

Jon is up!
SG willingly fails his composure roll from being exploded. The Adrenaline Pump activates, SG is no longer subject to unconsciousness from stun, and ignores injury modifiers from stun damage. He's at 1 hp, awake, and dangerous.
The pump is active for six rounds. Whew. 1d6=6

Now that SG has an initiative order, I'm fine with keeping the old ones. SG didn't get to act last round, being interrupted by Sex Kitten, but he does have 4 IPs.

Q: I haven't worked out what SG's mental state will be after being drugged, betrayed, exploded, killed, resuscitated, and pumped full of adrenaline. It's safe to say it will be erratic. If you'd like to guide SG into a particular constructive course of action, feel free. Perhaps grabbing you (and maybe Cypher's corpse?) and running away? Jump in a car and drive?

16 lethal, ignoring stun (adrenaline pump), and ignoring 9 (High Pain Tolerance) is 7, SG is at -3 to all actions.

We probably won't need a special dispensation on double-healing damage, because six rounds might as well be an eternity with the amount of firepower being thrown around. (That's sweet of you though, Buddha.)
My theory is:
1. The only reason I didn't activate the pump was if I'd rolled a 1, SG would've passed out and started dying again. Six rounds is more than enough to either escape or get reduced to giblets.
2. In six rounds SG will take six more damage from the pump, so Q can heal him again.
Don't forget, if you can wait, we can medkit you then magic you. Given our one-time dispensation on specific wounds, I can medkit each one, then someone can magic them. Thus we can get even more healing done.
Riding on the tails of Emilio, that could be the difference between the team being fully healed by tomorrow morning, versus a week or two of downtime waiting for everyone to heal up and rest.
Medkits require 1/round per hitbox, right?

And my feeling is we need to be gone before the Sprite, Goth Mage, Security Guards, or FB decide we're a threat and/or notice we've got a car full of purloined asian boy. Given the need for haste, I'm thinking run, medkit, take more damage, medkit again, magic again.

If there's a car to jump into so we can combine running and medkitting, I'm good with that, but I believe all the cars other than the autocab are smoking ruins?
That car better be on manual control though, having all the Sprite's loose ends in one car is asking for it.
SG--yeah they do. But if we Magic all your wounds, there is no chance for a medkit later. Best thing to do (IMO) is to get the team on foot, grab whatever gear is salvageable and run. Rikik will pick up the team once Eklipse responds. Then, in the back of the van start the triage and first aid stuff.

Basically, use magic on anyone who won't survive long enough to run. Use First Aid in the van. Then magic once the team is safe at the office. (Which the drive should give time for some Stun to wear off in case Mages take drain getting people on their feet.)
Strangeglove go ahead and post your actions for this last Pass. Using the First Aid skill is a Complex Action, and takes a number of Combat Turns equal to the amount of damage the character is attempting to heal. Keep in mind there is a Threshold of 2 and other modifiers based in conditions of both the patient and the place you attempt it.

Lain can I get rolls for your attempt at stealth (Infiltration skill or the Stealth group) please? Other than movement were you going to take any other actions?

Copperheed please roll me a D6 - thanks!
Budda's rquest: 1d6.hits(5) → [6] = (1)
Is good?

Using old Init is fine. Dumb Sprite *grumble*
Thank you for the division of hit Budda.

And can I tell if Cypher's alive or dead? Zero might be and Emilio is on him, but since Cypher didn't resist more than a quarter of the 33 damage then he'd be cooked or ripped in half right?

And if there is anyone else in SG's path can they be picked up as well? I don't know exactly where everyone is or how much Str12 troll can carry.
Jon is sprinting and trying to stealth at once
For a simple action Jon is sprinting
I think stealth takes the other simple right?

Strength 7 + Athletics 2 = 9
9d6.hits(5) → [6,3,5,2,5,2,2,3,3] = (3)

so add 6 meters to running rate

so Stealth is Agiility 5 + Stealth Group 3 - 2 for running = 6
6d6.hits(5) → [4,2,5,6,4,4] = (2)
Copperheed the roll was to see if your contact was around to get your message or not. I answered the question about Cypher in IC. Everyone else with the exception of Fat Man has scattered from the blast crater where you all are.

Lain thanks for the rolls!
Uhm, why is SG going to carry awake people? I think it'd be better to carry unconscious ones or corpses (a.k.a loot bags). To move fast, we really want a spirit to cast movement on us.
Gruesome but very SR.

Strangeglove let me know what you want to do this pass. smile.gif
Jon's gear was probably left in the car with his change, so grabbing that would be good if there is a free hand. Likewise if Zero had anything in his hands that he dropped.
I had a backpack with some stuff in it---a medkit, a flashlight, survival kit, etc. Everything else of value is worn on my person IIRC. Feel free to use it any and all of it if the items survived.
Emilio--Cypher had some expensive cyber if that's what you're thinking. The headware is really where most of the money went. Encephalon 2 and a Simsense Booster. Wired Reflexes 2 (Alpha) was costly, but may not be worth carrying an entire corpse. (The headware is worth about double in comparison)
Since Cypher is a caramelized goo-like substance, will his cyberware have survived? Is it standard procedure to grab the hamburger and see what survived? If it is standard procedure, Budda may I edit my post? And even if I can't and SG does it of his own accord, SG should lump Cypher under one arm with someone (probably Q) because it sounds humerous.

Jon's gear would be cool, but I don't even know where you left it. Is it worth it to perception check it? And again only if I can edit my RP post

And I'd intended SG to carry the unconscious Zero and the to people healing him. Because if I start layering spells then I'll soon trip over my own feet trying to run away. But grabbing Cypher's head gear would be good.

And Cypher goo was surprising and definitely cements gritty flavor.
Copperheed--it's a rather ghoulish task to harvest and sell second-hand cyberware. Associating with organleggers like Tamanous (a prominent group which also happen to be ghouls) earns you Notoriety. Some folks do it for the cash, but its often frowned upon within the Shadows. The team could probably spin it, that they wanted to see if Cypher had any other data and then sold his parts after his betrayal. Dead men tell no tales.
Emilio is interested in what is ON the corpses, not what's IN them. I think he'd be creeped out by selling bits. Also, the thought's that it will take time we don't have to properly strip the gear off.
SG is going to grab anyone who need grabbing, and bolt.

If Zero needs to be carried, he'll be the priority. If whomever is over there can carry Zero, SG will grab Q and Cypher's body, then GTFO.

So in order of importance:
1. Grab
2. Run
3. Stealth (optional)

A couple of reasons for grabbing conscious people (if they're convenient):
1. SG still has actions to take, so next round starts with people already farther away from threats.
2. SG is probably twice as fast as Q.
3. One less person for spirits to cast movement spells on.
4. If SG goes down again, having his healer already with him would be very convenient.

Oh, Sex Kitten's little trick cost SG problably 20-30k. I'm betting Fleet is out something in the low six digits?
From what I understand, Zero is out of commission until this story arc is over, and will need someone to carry him.
Zero is a priority since he can't carry himself out. Q's not very good at running. Fat Man, Fleet and Emilio are questionable. Ekilpse seems like he can move quickly and hide well. And Jon's already gone.

I had no idea that SG lost that much. And I've been pricing vehicles and good god! I was going to suggest IC that we offer up half the reward, 25k or 50k depending, in expense for the team. Healing, lost cars, gear and such. Anyone else have thoughts on that? How does it normally work? I ask because I don't remember signing a contract and such.
Compiling 3 + Resonance 6 (Machine Sprite R5) (9d6.hits(5)=3)
Machine Sprite Resisting (5d6.hits(5)=2)
Fading (13d6.hits(5)=6) Fully soaked.

1 Task -- Make the van work better (Diagnostics Power, and hopefully Stability)

Machine Sprite Diagnostics (10d6.hits(5)=2)
2 Bonus Dice for Piloting the Van, which I'm probably going to need when the time comes for Pilot Tests.

Stability will prevent Accidents/Gremlins and downscale Glitches.
SG and Q - Fleet lost some where in the range of a quarter mil biggrin.gif Welcome to SR!

I appreciate the offer of the 25k, but that's the trade off for riggers, right? The difference between the risk I took and what a hacker takes is that my blown up cars don't fry my brain.
I'm hoping that someone else on the team has a base Piloting pool higher than 5 (before modifiers) because Rikik is not a getaway driver if the cops start chasing us.
I imagine Fleet has piloting.
Machine sprites can actually be really good pilots. I think you didn't specify an optional power for that one, but they can get Autosoft(Manuever) and then just drive for you. They can't diagnostics themselves, of course.
Umaro--Yeah, I only got one service out of the Sprite, which I had planned for the Diagnostics/Stability. If push comes to shove and I need to have the Sprite drive, then I will compile another one. (This way we can work together and let the people with the skill shine rather than having the Sprite get the credit.)
Emilio has a Reaction (5) + Pilot (2) for 7 dice.

My vote is re-roll initiative, but I'm ok if we stick with what we have.
Happy Monday All!

I updated the karma total for the thread and I am still waiting on updated character sheets for Q and Strangeglove so please get those in. I saw one vote for keeping the same initiative and one for rolling so at this point I am going with rolling so everyone roll Initiative and don't forget your modifiers (wounds, drugs, etc) - thanks!

BishopMcQ go ahead and give me a roll for Rikik and the Sprite (just in case).

Initiative Order
Gothic Mage 16/1 IP Delaying
Jon 16/1 IP
Fat Man 16/1 IP Delaying
Q 11/1 IP <<<

Q is up!
SG is initative 12, 4 passes. 10d6.hits(5)=2
Boo wounds.

A question about sprites and hacking. To do the things she's done, would the Sprite have hacked SG's commlink, the arm itself, or both? Umaro mentioned that sprites can retain a connection to things they've hacked even without a matrix connection. If SG turns off his commlink, is it possible for the sprite to still control his arm?
Emilio's initiative is 10/3 and he has no wound modifiers. The 'Net is down, so no bonuses.

10 + 10d6.hits(5)=3 = 13/3
Strangeglove she could have hacked either - the assumption is that things are wireless unless explicitly stated otherwise. If she hacked the arm then you could grab it again or the commlink but since you shut the commlink down its not very useful. You could power down the arm as a free action through DNI (that's what I recall - someone feel free to correct me if wrong). So arm yes she can if through the commlink then no.
So what do I have to do to get her out of the arm?
Powering it off will deny her use of the arm, but when I power it back on she'll have access again, right?
Strangeglove throw bigger stats at it (Firewall, System, etc) so that you can load IC into to battle anything that comes into the node for the arm or wait till it decompiles. Sprites like spirits last for a set amount of time either 24 hours if compiled on the fly or until its services are all expended if registered (like a bound spirit). Find and remove the access it has most likely granted itself. The popping into something without wireless access only works if it has legitimate access or back door into the node or its technomancer is present there. Someone crashing it - basically kicking its ass in the matrix would take it out of the picture for 16 days minus its rating and then only it was registered.
Also if you change the Access ID (Hardware or Spoof test) the Sprite will have to find the arm all over again since it won't register as the same device.
Piloting Test (Nothing Fancy, just driving to the location)

Pilot 2 + Command 5 - Handling 1 + Diagnostics 2
Piloting Test (8d6.hits(5)=1)
If the Sprite is also using Stability as part of the "don't let me crash" instructions then that will cancel the Glitch. If not, I'll spend some Edge...
Q Init: 7+ 7d6.hits(5) = (3) = 10

Poor little pattern spider trying so hard to hold the chaos of humans at bay smile.gif

Is my bioware hackable?
This is a summoned sprite? Yeesh! Technomancer is the way to go. I figured she was a Great Sprite or something like mages can gain permanent spirit allies since they seem functionally similar, with summoning and such.

And Q's turn again? I didn't think I had more IP than Ekilpse and Fleet, but I'll go. It's probably not going to be impressive since the only thing I can think to do without more delaying is Complex Action: Put healing concentration into Heightened Concentration. And I'll drop my Physical Mask that was in there since I'm apparently not strong enough to fool anyone touched with counterspelling.
Is scanning one's commlink for baddies a Free action or Simple action?

How do I go about combating counterspell ruining my Illusions? Is there an Initiation? Can I make one? My first one is going to be Masking since that seems right up my alley with the non-detection theme.
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