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Full Version: Salted Wounds [OOC]
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Salted Wounds

As the fifth installment after

Deep Black Sea
Pain and Gain
Sins of the Fathers

This is a conspiracy and revenge kind of run - find them before they can find you...

The cast contains:

Volker as.........bnc, the human hacker
gilga as..........anna, the human mage
SquirrelDude as...Sharkboy, the inhuman wrestler
Luckace as........Raph, the human Theurgist
Thanee as.........Nova, the human tank
Name: bnc
Type: decker
Phenotype: human


BOD: 2
STR: 1
AGI: 2
REA: 3
INT: 6 (7)
LOG: 7 (8)
CHA: 2
EDG: 4
ESS: 1,31

Positive qualities

Codeslinger (Watchdog)
Fade to Black
Exceptional Logic

Negative qualities

Moderate addiction to Golden Mirror
Biased to (non-Bavarian) Germans and Viennese
Light Food Allergy

Active Skills

Pistols 5
Sneaking 4
Computer 6
Hardware 4
Software 6
Cybercombat 6
Electronic Warfare 6
Hacking 6
Chemistry 3
Unarmed Combat 4
Perception 3
Con 3
First Aid 4
Gunnery 4
Pilot Groundcraft 4
Pilot Aircraft 3
Pilot Walker 3
Negotiation 3
Disguise 2
Explosives 1
Medicine 1

Knowledge Skills

European Politics 4
Psychology 2
Matrix legends 2
Street drugs 2
Matrix security 5
Magic theory 4
English 5

Drug dealer in Linz (4/2)
Gerhardt Schmidt
The Sunkid


Defiance EX Shocker
20 Ammo
Ingram Smartgun X
2x32 normale, 32 Gel
Hiden arm slide
Concealable holster

Electrochromatic Clothing
Armor Jacket
Chameleon Suite
absurdly awesome customized Body Armor I can't get the stats of

Cyber- & Bioware

Cerebral Booster I
Cerebellum Booster I
Skillwires I
Skilljack I
Hard Nanohive Betware Control Rig Booster III
Control Rig II (Alpha)
Shock hand
Fiberoptic Hair
WiFi Tattoos (Chameleon Skin, Head & Arms)
Auto-injector + expanded reservoir
Cybereyes rating 3 (low-light vision, Vision enhancement II, Vision magnification, ocular drone)

headware Siemens Steuerungs- und Diagnoseeinheit 5-J
Signal Scrub
Virtual Machine
Baby Monitor
Fly on a Wall
Vectored Signal Filter
Device Modification + Program Carrier (Encryption)
Agent V

MCT-Nissan rotodrone w/ Cavalier Arms Brockett EBR
SK Direktionssekretär w/ Savalette Guardian (modded)
3 Noizquitos

glasses, flair compensation, low-light vision, smartlink, vision magnification
Trid projector
Electronic paper x2
Satellite link
2 Datachip RFIDs, 1 Sensor Tag, 1 Stealth Tag
Micro Camera
some groovy contact lenses
Fairlight Caliban
3 stealth tags
2 sensor tags
3 data taps
Area Jammer V
Chemistry Toolkit
Medkit VI
Hardware shop
Fake SIN 5
Lizenz 4 für Shockhand & Ares & Chameleon
Hardware toolkit
Lizenz 6 für Deck

5x Novacoke
5x Long Haul
2x Deepweed
3x Psyche
plasteel restraints

Middle Lifestyle + add. Security
Skillsoft Network Basic
== Personal Data ==
Name: Yael Alias: Anna
Human, Female
Movement: 12/24 (2m/hit)
Swim: 4.5 (1m/hit)
60, 170 Composure: 11
Street Cred: 43 Judge Intentions: 12
Notoriety: 0 Lift/Carry: 8 (45 kg/30 kg)
Public Awareness: 0 Memory: 8
Karma: 433 Nuyen: 67,255¥
Age: 21 Skin: Tan (Mddle eastern)
Eyes: Brown Hair: Tan
Primary Arm: Right

== Priorities ==
Metatype: E,0
Attributes: A,4
Special: C,2
Skills: A,4
Resources: E,0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 5 CHA: 6
AGI: 6 INT: 6
REA: 6 LOG: 3
STR: 3 WIL: 5
EDG: 3 MAG: 6

== Derived Attributes
Essence: 6.00 Initiative: 13 +2d6
Physical Damage Track: 11 Rigger Initiative: 13 +2d6
Stun Damage Track: 11Astral Initiative: 12 +3d6
Physical: 6 Matrix AR: 13 +2d6
Chameleon Suit [+2] (Only for Sneaking, Must be visible)
Thermal Damping [+6] (Only for Sneaking against Thermographic Vision or thermal sensors.)
Thermal Damping [+6] (Only for Sneaking against Thermographic Vision or thermal sensors.)
Thermal Damping [+6] (Only for Sneaking against Thermographic Vision or thermal sensors.)
Mental: 6 Matrix Cold: 6 + DP +3d6
Audio Enhancement [+3] (Only for Perception (Hearing))
Vision Enhancement [+3] (Only for Perception (Visual))
Vision Enhancement [+3] (Only for Perception (Visual))
Social: 8 Matrix Hot: 6 + DP +4d6
Ballistic Mask [+1] (Only for Intimidation, Must be visible)
Vashon Island: Ace of Coins [+3] (Must be visible)
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger [+1] (Must be visible)
Zoé: Heritage 12 [+2] (Must be visible)
Astral: 8

== Active Skills ==
Arcana Base: 0 + Karma: 1 = 1 Pool: 4
Assensing (Aura Reading) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12 (14)
Con Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 10
Counterspelling (Combat) Base: 6 + Karma: 1 = 7 Pool: 13 (15)
Disguise Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12
Etiquette Base: 5 + Karma: 0 = 5 Pool: 11
Impersonation Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 10
Palming Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12
Perception Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12
Performance Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 10
Pistols (Semi-Automatics) Base: 6 + Karma: 1 = 7 Pool: 13 (15)
Sneaking Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12
Spellcasting (Health) Base: 6 + Karma: 1 = 7 Pool: 13 (15)
Summoning (Spirits of Man) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12 (14)

== Knowledge Skills ==
German Base: 0 + Karma: 2 = 2 Pool: 8
Alcohol Base: 3 + Karma: 0 = 3 Pool: 9
Bars and Clubs Base: 1 + Karma: 0 = 1 Pool: 7
Magic Traditions Base: 0 + Karma: 1 = 1 Pool: 4
Magical Theory (Academic) Base: 3 + Karma: 0 = 3 Pool: 6
Magical Threats Base: 3 + Karma: 0 = 3 Pool: 6
Music Base: 1 + Karma: 0 = 1 Pool: 7
Underworld Base: 1 + Karma: 0 = 1 Pool: 7

== Qualities ==
Arcane Bodyguard
Astral Bouncer
Code of Honor (Self defense)
Dependent (Inconvenience)
Focused Concentration ( 6)
Illusionist (Physical)
Lightning Reflexes
Mentor Spirit (Bear)
Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)

== Tradition ==
Chaos Magic, Resist Drain with 11

== Spells ==
Clout (Limited) DV: F-5
Heal DV: F-4
Improved Invisibility DV: F-1
Increase [Attribute] (INT)DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (REA)DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (CHA)DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (AGI)DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (WIL)DV: F-3
Levitate DV: F-2
Magic Fingers DV: F-2
Mana Barrier DV: F-2
Physical Mask DV: F-1
Resist Pain DV: F-4
Stabilize DV: F-4
Stunbolt DV: F-3
Trid Phantasm (Limited) DV: F-2

== Lifestyle ==
(Street) 1 Month
+ Grid Subscription (Public Grid) [+50¥]
Dormitory Apartment (Low) 0 Months
+ Cramped (Cramped [-10%]) [--10%]
+ Grid Subscription (Public Grid) [+50¥]
Nice apartment (Medium) 1 Month
+ Grid Subscription (Local Grid)
+ Grid Subscription (Public Grid)

== Armor ==
Ballistic Mask +2
Chameleon Suit 9
+ Fire Resistance 1
+ Nonconductivity 2
+ Thermal Damping 6
Vashon Island: Ace of Coins 7
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger 13
+ Custom Fit
+ Newest Model
+ Nonconductivity 4
+ Ruthenium Polymer Coating
+ Thermal Damping 6
+ Holster
Zoé: Heritage 12 12
+ Custom Fit
+ Faraday Pocket
+ Newest Model
+ Nonconductivity 2
+ Thermal Damping 6
+ YNT Softweave Armor
Zoé: Second Skin 6/+2
+ Biofiber Pocket
+ Custom Fit (Stack)
+ Newest Model
+ Ruthenium Polymer Coating

== Weapons ==
Ares Predator V
+ Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
+ Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
+ Gas-Vent 3 System
+ Personalized Grip
+ Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 13 (15)Accuracy: 5 (8) DV: 8P AP: -1 RC: 5
Defiance EX Shocker
+ Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
+ Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
+ Laser Sight
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 13 Accuracy: 4 (6) DV: 9S(e) AP: -5 RC: 2
Grenade: Flash-Bang
Pool: 5 Accuracy: 6 DV: 10S (10m Radius)AP: -4 RC: 2
Grenade: Thermal Smoke
Pool: 5 Accuracy: 6 DV: (10m Radius)AP: - RC: 2
Ruger Super Warhawk
+ Chameleon Coating (Pistol)
+ Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 13 Accuracy: 5 (6) DV: 9P AP: -2 RC: 2
Sapphire Knife
Pool: 5 Accuracy: 5 DV: 5P AP: -3 RC: 2
Pool: 5 Accuracy: 6 DV: 4P AP: -1 RC: 2
Streetline Special
+ Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
+ Personalized Grip
+ Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 13 Accuracy: 4 (7) DV: 6P AP: - RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 5 Accuracy: 6 DV: 3S AP: - RC: 2

== Gear: Equipped ==
Contacts Rating 3
+ Smartlink
+ Image Link
+ Flare Compensation
Cram ×10
Earbuds Rating 3
+ Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Fake SIN (Anna Mirochnik) Rating 3
Fake SIN (Anna Black) Rating 6
+ Fake License (Weapon License) Rating 6
+ Fake License (Bodyguard License) Rating 6
Fetish (Earring)
Glasses Rating 4
+ Thermographic Vision
+ Vision Enhancement Rating 3
Sustaining Focus, Health (Bonded Foci) (Chaos Magic) Rating 6
Tool Kit (Disguise)
Weapon Focus (Sapphire Knife) Rating 6

== Gear: Available ==
Grenade: Flash-Bang ×4
Grenade: Thermal Smoke ×4
Shuriken ×5

== Description ==
Yael is average height and attractive by the standards of her time. She treats her body like a temple, healthy food, exercise and the finest of cosmetics. She wants to be pretty and would do whatever is needed to achieve it. Yael is not tall enough to be a model, and she is built curvy and healthy (or 'fat' for an elf), these frustrate her to a degree, but she also likes the perks it provides in the form of ample chest and ass.

== Background ==
Redmond raised as part Redmond raised as part of a small and tightly knit family of petty criminals of middle eastern origins. Her father Ron Bar steals cars, her brother Larry follows on his footsteps while raising two young children (boy and a girl). Her mother, Ravit Bar - is into forgery. There were good years and bad years, most of the time the family provided to Yael - but when her father has done time in prison Yael found herself having to beg, steal and manipulate to survive. The rest of the time she did these things to make some extra cash. The family is lightly affiliated with the Mafia, but the connection is business-like and they are not members.

At the age of 14, Yael run out of luck and found herself with an angry SINner with a gun, her brother could not help and even though Yael returned his wallet the man shot her. Yael survived by playing dead, holding her breath and allowing the blood to gush out of her abdomen. As she laid there, bleeding out she heard the man talking to his lawyer - a brilliant lawyer named Debora Miller that later becomes one of Yael's contacts. Debora instructed the man to drop the gun and comlink to a garbage can and be picked up in a nearby pub. Despite her injury, Yael picked up the gun and comlink and then limped home , Larry was too frightened to save her but took her to a doctor that treated her. The gunshot left a small mark on her abdomen, missing her internal organs.

Since she recovered, she practiced with the gun - having a quality gun changed her life for the better. No longer would she be afraid of bullies. It was an equalizer and she made sure that her hands were skilled enough to keep herself alive. Despite that, Yael has never assaulted a person not out of self-defense. She lacks any form of a desire to physically hurt people (though she really enjoys stealing from people).

She awakened at 15 and kept it a secret. She heard voices and initially thought she was losing her mind. Her mentor spirit, Bear - or the protector reflects her intrinsic desire to protect her 'pack' at all cost. In her world, there are few people that matter and she needs to keep them safe no matter what. She sees her brother Larry as a failure for not stepping up to save her and thinks that she would have attacked instead. Bear does not speak much to Yael as that terrifies her to the core. He guides her from distance, helps her be strong and endure whatever life dishes out on her. Pushes her to hone her skills and then use her powerful health magic to further augment what she can naturally do.

Yael could not develop her gifts, the only magical skill she naturally learned how to use was astral sensing. Which she mastered with dedication and love. The act of projecting is enjoyable and 'ticklish' to her and has enabled her to work better. Specifically, while Yael kept her awakenedness secret, she approached Debora and convinced her to give her a break. (Mildly blackmailing her). Yael would then asense Debora's clients for a few coins and favors, usually not leaving her bed.

At the age of 17, Yael discovered that she could cast spells - Bear unveiled to her first spell the healing spell. It changed her life. She understood that she had a lottery card - she was a full mage with almost limitless potential. Though born to a family of car thieves there was little she could do to develop that gift. She used the heal spell as her way to practice her craft, healing wounded gangers and Mafiosi. This forced her out of the closet, made her popular on one side - but feared on the other. Since she came out as a mage, Yael felt alien - her own family feared, envied or whatever it was they felt. She was an outsider, deep in their hearts they knew that the young and talented mage would not be stopped.

Indeed, at the age of 18, Yael took the first major risk. A debit to leg- breakers a quality SIN nicked Anna and a fake high-school diploma with honors. It was enough to get her accepted to a mediocre and cooperate funded 'Magic for practitioners' degree in Seattle's University. The education plan was aimed at corporate need from wage mages, training them as bodyguards, security or utility mages. Unable to work, and struggling to pay the Mafia in time as well as to pay the university Yael focused on the magic arts that did not require reagents. To this day, she is slightly biased against the use of these, feeling that it is a shortcut for those that do not want to work enough.

== Concept ==
An attractive theif, shadowruns because she likes the excitement. Physically aroused by stealing things and being exposed. Deep inside, she has an intrinsic desire to be strong - and to protect her friends and family. Desires aside, at the moment she does not feel powerful or dangerous. Yet, she is naturally agile and skilled with a gun - it kept her safe but is probably not enough for a career criminal.

== Contacts ==
Debora Miller (Criminal Lawyer), Seattle (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 1)

Little Jim (Talismonger), (Connection: 5, Loyalty: 1)

Moni 'No Show' Naor, (Connection: 1, Loyalty: 3)
Name: Raphael Federer, or short "Raph"
Alias: Wraith
Gender: Male
Alter: 24
Metatype: Norm
Magic: Christian Theurgist

[ Spoiler ]

=== General Stats ===
Initiative 9+1d6
Astral Initiative 10 + 2D6
Physical Condition Monitor: 10
Stun Condition Monitor 11
Resist with WIL+CHA (11)
Judge Intentions: 10
Carryweight: 30kg + [6]x10kg
Assensing: 8/10
Perception: 9(visual) / 10(audio)

Mental [(Logic x 2) + Intuition + Willpower] / 3 = 5
Physical [(Strength x 2) + Body + Reaction] / 3 = 4
Social [(Charisma x 2) + Willpower + Essence] / 3 = 7

=== Attributes ===
STR 1+1….…..3 (15 Karma: 2 ->3)

=== Skills ===
Binding 6 (Air, +2) Pool: 12/14
Banishing 6 (Fire, 2) Pool: 12/14
Summoning 6 (Air, +2) Pool: 12/14
Counterspelling 6 (Combat, 2) Pool: 12/14
Spellcasting 6 (Detection, 2) Pool: 12/14
Arcana 1 (2Karma) Pool:
Assensing 3 (Read Aura, 2) Pool: 9/11
Alchemy 1 (2Karma; MS:+2) Pool: 9
Con 6 Pool: 11
Negotiating 5 Pool: 10
Etiquette 5 Pool: 10
Leadership 5 Pool: 10
Intimidation 5 Pool: 9
Impersonation 2 Pool: 7
Pilot Groundcraft 3 (Bikes, 2) Pool: 7/9
Pistols 5 (Heavy Pistols, 2) Pool: 9/11
Sneaking 2 Pool: 6
Perception 4 Pool: 8
Computer 1 (2Karma) Pool: 4
Disguise 1 Pool: 6
Survival 1 (2Karma) Pool: 4
Running 1 (2Karma) Pool: 4
Swimming 1 (2Karma) Pool: 4

=== Knowledge Skills ===
German (N)
English 5
Magical Theory 2 (Magical Goods, 2)
Theology 2
Local Gangs 2
Political Science 1
Drugs 1
Smuggling Routes 2
Pubs 1 (1 Karma)

=== Qualities ===

Mentor Spirit: Saint Laurentius (Fire-Bringer): 5 (+2 to Alchemy, +2 manipulation spells, WIL+CHA (3) to deny help)
Spirit Affinity (air) 7 (+1 service, +1 for binding-tests; may attack me less maliciously)
First Impression (11) (+2 to social tests on first encounter)

Moderate addiction to Zen: -9
Code of Honor: Won't harm innocent bystanders (-15)
Driven (2): tries to find Sophie's murderer; +1WIL when working on it

=== MAGIC ===
Spells :
Lightning Bolt 12D(Focus:+2)
Petrify /Pillar of salt 14D
Detect Enemies, Extended 14D
Physical Barrier 14D
Mind Probe 14D
Mindnet, Extended 14D
Influence 14D
Shapechange 14D
Stunbolt 12D(Focus:+2)
Heal 12D

Centering (11 Karma): +1 resisting drain if loud, focused prayer is involved

Aeraziel, Bound Spirit of Air (Force 6, 3-3 services) (3K) (Optional powers: Elemental Attack, Fear; Spells: Health)
Haruspel, Bound Spirit of Guidance (Force 6, 2-1 services) (2K) (Optional Powers: Influence, Engulf; Spells: Manipulation)
Undiel: Bound Spirit of Water (Force 6, 2-1 Services; disrupted for 22d after Linz) (2K) (Optional Powers: Binding, Energy Aura; Spells: Detection)

=== Equipment ===
Lined coat 900 (Arm:9)
Vashon Island Ace of Cups 1600 (Arm:9, Social Limit +1)
Armor Jacket (Arm:12) 1000
Full Helmet 500 (Arm:+3)
Ares Predator V + Silencer & Personalized Grip1625 (Accuracy: 6 (8); Damage:8P AP: –1; SA; Ammo: 15; -4 against perception tasks)
Ammo: 30x regular (600), 15x gel (375)
Suzuki Mirage (8500) (Handling: 5/3, Speed: 6, Acc:3, Body: 5, Armor: 6)
Erika Elite + Sim Module (2.600)
Microcamera + select sound filter (350)
Concealable Quick-Draw-Holster (275)
10 doses Zen (50)
Glasses Rating 4 (vision-magnification, low-light-vision, image-link) (1275)
Ear Buds Rating 3 (Audio-Enhancement1, Select-Sound-Filter) (900)
Trodes (70)
Gloves (10), biker's mask & 5 pairs of Single-Use-Gloves
20 reagents (400)
Magical Lodge Force 2 (1000)
Flashlight & Survival Kit (225)
Metalink (25)
1x Stimpatch4 (100), 1x Antidote Patch3 (150)

2.435 Nuyen

Summoning-Focus (Air) Power 2 (4 Karma, N8000)
Spellcasting-Focus (Combat) Power 2 (4 Karma, N8000)

Fake SIN Rating 4 (10000): Raphael Altmann
Fake License Rating 3 (600): Awakened
Fake License Rating 3 (600): Possession of firearm
Fake License Rating 3 (600): Concealed Carrying
Fake License Rating 3 (600): Use [Stunbolt]

Middle (5000) + Local Bar Patron (Nikolai; 25) + Garage (100)
-> 1m/5125

Loot and rewards:
Ballistic Mask (Armor +2) (Warehouse)
- Smartlink
- Thermographic Vision
- Low-Light Vision
- Vision Enhancement 3
Hermes Ikon Commlink (Warehouse)

10.000-9.500= 500€ (Payment Nacl)
Morphing License Plate, a Spoof Chip and Run Flat Tires (Abdecker)
Fake Sin Rating 3 (Abdecker)

20.000-3000= 17.000€ (Abdecker)
Bought reagents already spent

=== Kontakte ===
Georg Schraff, AKA “Grinch” (Connection 4, Loyalty 4): His former Roommate, now a drug-dealer and leader of a neo-anarchistic gang.
[ Spoiler ]

Nikolai (Connection 3, Loyalty 3): Bartender, fixer.
[ Spoiler ]

Silvia AKA “Glyphe” (Connection 3, Loyalty: 4): Fence, talismonger.
[ Spoiler ]

Harald Märle (Connection 3, Loyalty 3): Policeman and husband to his deceased friend and mentor Sophie Märle.
[ Spoiler ]

Herr Böhm (Connection 1, Loyalty 2): Excorcist.
[ Spoiler ]

=== Appearance & Demeanor===
Rather small and slim, Raph isn't quite an imposing figure. He has a pale skin and dark, brown hair, that he parts sideways uninspiredly, his eyes are of a cold greyish blue. He is only in his mid-twenties and appears to be a friendly and self-secure fellow, but if you carefully look behind the social first impression, you might notice that already one or two of his mouse-brown hairs have turned silver and that his face looks a little worn-down like a man who's sonstantly tired. His voice is usually calm, and he tends to avoid slang terms, a habit from his time as vendor at Sophie’s shop that never fully died.

He consideres his spirits sacred entities and would never send a spirit just to do the dishes etc.

=== Background ===
[ Spoiler ]
Name/Alias: Christoph Danielson / Sharkboy
Remaining Karma: 0 Total Karma: 0 Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Nuyen: 598

Metatype D, Attributes A, Magic C, Skills A, Resources B

Metatype: Human, Changeling (Class II Surge)
Height 1.88 (listed 1.93) Weight 110kg (listed 118) Skin: White, bronze tan Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown

Attributes: B: 3 A: 6(9) R: 5(7) S: 5(8 ) C: 4 I: 4 L: 2 W: 3 Magic: 3(3) Ess: 3 Edge: 3
Derived Stats: Comp 7, Judge 8, Mem 5, Move 18/36, Lift/Carry 11
Limits: Physical 9, Mental 4, Social 5
Physical Init: 9(11)+1d6(3d6)

Armor 18 Defense 9(12) Soak 25
Condition Monitor: 10/10 Phys, 10/10 Stun

Positive Qualities: Biocompatibility (Bioware), Mentor Spirit (Shark), Natural Athlete, Burnout's Way
Negative Qualities: Addiction (Mild) (Dopamine), Code of Honor (Luchador's Code: May never take off mask, Must keep kayfabe, Must always give a good show/appear larger than life), Did you just call me dumb?, Records on file 1 (Horizon Group), SINner (National) (UCAS), Vendetta (Curry Man and The Addiction)
Metagenic Qualities: Electroception, Gills (Full), Nasty Vibe. Berserker, Critter Spook, Unusual Hair

Active Skills
*Stealth Group 4
*Influence Group 6

Skill - Rating(Augmented)
Archery - 15 (19) [Bows] (Smartlink)
Throwing Weapons- 10
Unarmed Combat - 17(19) [Jiu Jitsu]

Escape Artist- 10
Gymnastics- 17
Palming - 13
Percepttion - 10(13) (Earbuds and Contacts)
Running - 11
Sneaking - 13
Swimming - 9

Disguise - 8
Etiquette - 10
Intimidation - 12
Leadership - 10
Con - 10
Performance - 10
Negotiation - 10

Knowledge Skills:
Skill - Rating(Augmented)
Corporation: Horizon Group 5(7) [Corporate Politics]
Small Unit Tactics - 8

English N
Japanese 5(7) [Speak]
Spanish 5(7) [Speak]

Martial Arts
Jiu Jitsu: Called Shot(Disarm), Clinch, Thrown Person, Sweep

Adept Powers:
Power Points Used/Total: 3/3
Combat Sense 1 - 0.5
Improved Reflexes 2 - 2.5
Killing Hands - Free

Mentor Spirit: Shark Unarmed Combat+2, Free Killing Hands
Might go berserk when you take Physical damage in combat. Every time it happens, make a Simple Charisma + Willpower Test (wound modifiers apply).You go berserk for 3 turns minus 1 turn per hit, so 3 or more hits averts the berserk rage entirely. If you’re already going berserk, increase the duration. When you’re berserk, you go after your attacker(s) without regard for your own safety. If you run out of targets before the time’s up, you keep attacking their bodies.


Bone Density Augmentation 4
Damage Compensators 1
Muscle Augmentation 3
Muscle Toner 3
Orthoskin 3
Platlet Factories
Striking Callus (Both feet, Both hands)

Earbuds (Audio Enhancement 3)
Contacts (Vision Enhance 3)

5 Meta Link (Rating 1)
Transys Avalon (Rating 6)

Licenses and Identification
UCAS SIN: Christoph Danielson
Fake SIN R6: DM Rollings
- Fake License R6 (Adept License)
- Fake License R6 (Restricted Biowared License)
- Fake License R6 (Weapon License

Medical Equipment
Medkit Rating 3
1 Trauma Patch
5 Dopadrine

Certified Credstick, Silver

  • Mortimer of London Berwick Suit 11 (YNT Softweave, Shock Weave, Gel Packs) [3/8 Capacity used]
    w/ Argentum Coat 12/+4 (YNT Softweave, Nonconductivy 4, Insulation 4, Fire Resistance 4) [12/21 Capacity used]
  • Custom Ballistic Mask +2 (YNT Softweave, Repirator R6, Micro Transceiver, Omni Directional Microphone, Vision Magnification, Flare Compensation) [7/12 Capacity used]
  • Form Fitting Body Armor 10 (YNT Softweave, Gel Packs, Biomonitor, Nonconductivity 4)
  • Securetech PPP Vitals/Arms/Legs Kit +1/+1/+1
  • Misc: Ski Mask

Melee Weapons:
Acc [Phys] DV 13P AP - Reach 1

Ranged Weapons:
Bow R8 (Smartgun System, Melee Hardening, Personalized Grip, Gecko Grip)
Acc 6(9) DV 10P AP -2 RC 4 Mode SS Ammo 1 Avail 10R Conceal +8
Range (Short 0-8, Medium 9-80, Long 81-240, Extreme 241-480)

Ammunition (Arrows all Rating 8 )
10 Arrow, Barbed Head
8 Arrow, Explosive Head
5 Arrow Stick-n-Shock w/Static Shaft
2 Arrow, Screamer Head

2 Flash-Bang Greande
2 Flash-Pak
2 Smoke Grenade
2 Thermal Smoke Grenade

Lifestyle - Traveler
Housing - Sheraton Hilton Munich
C - 2
A - 2
S - 2
Positive - Extra Secure, One Good Thing About This Place (Public Transport)
Entertainments (Discreet Deliveryman, Gymn)
Grid Subscription (Public Grid)

4,000/month. 1 Month paid.

Kennedy Vincent (WWWF Corporate Manager) C5 L2
Kristen Aroman (Street Doc) C2 L5
Tim Haber (European Wrestling Promoter) C3 L1
Mae Young (Stripper) C2 L1
"The Godfather" (Pimp/Drug Dealer) C2 L1

Background & Description
Not exceptionally tall, but exceptionally well built, Christoph's massive augmentation to his musculature is instantly visible, as are is the shark skin that runs over his entire body, and the gills on the sides of his neck. If someone was able to look past that they'd see a condifent man with a bronzed physique and deep blue eyes that remind you of resort oceans. That and hair so vibrantly purple a betta fish would call it gaudy. He usually wears a suit that's just what heels do.

Born in Philidelphia in the mid 2050s, Christoph Danielson grew up worshipping wrestling icons like Abdullah the Elf Butcher and The Masked Tiger. They seemed like superheros to him. Ones that didn't die due to bad luck like a trideo star street samurai. As he got older and his Surge expressed itself in 2061, the Masked Tiger became particularly appealing. He was the closest thing Christoph saw to a representation of Changlings as a hero in trid media. Cristoph realized later how much of his costume was prosthetics and augmentation, but as a child he still found his character inspiring. Life didn't become easier when his magical talents started to show themselves. Already a freak, Christoph rejected them. He rarely practiced and trained them, and instead saw chrome and bioware as his way to become more normal.

Cristoph learned to fight by others getting into fights with him, and eventually got his parents to buy him lessons in Jui Jitsu so that he could "defend himself." It wasn't long before Christoph was the one starting fights, and had learned to embrace the hatred thrown his way when he taunted his opponent and the crowd that gathers whenever a fight starts. When he learned the full depths of the theatrical nature of professional wrestling, it became an obvious career path. Christoph would get paid to fight mostly controlled matches (the sport had become more violent tomaintain audience attention), could travel the world, and wrestling promoters didn't give a damn he had gills and pissed off every animal in the back as long as he knew how to fight and entertain a crowd as Great White Shark

When he finally got his foot in the door of the largest promotion in North America, the WWWF (Western World Wrestling Federation, a Subsidiary of The Horizon Group), he realized how far he was from the top. It seemed nearly every other wrestler was augmented, even if in some minor way. The promotion had offered augmentation to him as a cursory step when he arrived, not expecting an adept to accept, but Christoph accepted augmentation with wild abandon, especially when he discovered he was actually uniquely suited to accept bioware. There was another problem, though.

Curry Man and the Addiction. A midcard faction that had political pull behind the scenes, and who just so happened Changelings. On more than a few occasions they would stiff Great White Shark both inside and outside the ring, often in situations where it wasn't called for. One thing lead to another, and Sharkboy found himself coming to with a hand clinching the dislocated arm near dead and extremely bloodly member of the Addiction in the middle of the ring. If Sharkboy hadn't been booked to win the match, he probably would have been blackballed for life. As it was, it was only a multiple year ban from the show.

However, other independent bookers were more than willing to take a look at the now controversial wrestler using the name Sharkboy, as long as he played a heel character. It meant more travel and less pay for Christoph, and after getting dragged into a confrontration with some thugs for his dopadrine dealer (an easy habit to pick up when you're getting knocked silly every few days), he realized the market value of muscle for illicit activities. His job allowed for travel, he had control over when he was working, and he always covered his face, Shadowrunning as a side-job seemed an easy decision.

"Who's reallly going to want to mess with a shark-man, anyway?"

Kayfabe The wikipedia article on kayfabe is linked, but I'll sum it up. If a wrestling promoter/promoters are asking for my character to be a rudo/heel/dickhead the character will need to be a dickhead both in and out of work. If they want him to be a tecnico/face then he's going to be a good person, not want to do ambushes, and be a bit naive (and use this as entrance music).

Jack, as GM/NPC controller has a role in deciding what Sharkboy's alignment will be and when he will turn face/heel. He has requested for the first run that he is a heel. It is very unlikely to change during this run.
Alright then, let's get this show on the road...
I just tried and failed to upload an avatar. Is there something special you have to do? I can only choose from a predefined list.
That option seems to have been deactiavted.
You got me hooked. biggrin.gif This is really exciting!
Question concerning the combat rules: Corebook p. 178, Firing modes "Semi-Automatics" (and others) state that the simple action of shooting "cannot be combined with other attack actions the same Action phase". For mundane characters, so far so obvious. But does this restriction also forbid reckless spellcasting?

And i spells are forbidden: Which spells count as an "attack"? Just Combat Spells, and other spells like hostile Manipulation Spells (e.g. Petrify) don't count as an attack and are therefore allowed?
Basically anything that can be used to harm someone or actively influence the opponent. Why, what do you want to do?
Ok, thanks.

No worries, nothing for now wink.gif
Was just unsure what was meant by "attacks" and where to draw the line, especially with Raph's Manipulation Spells like Influence and Petrify and thought I'd rather get clarifications before we get into a combat situation.
Can you give me a raw sketch of the floor? Where are we, where are the stairs, where is the car, where are the boons?
Also, could you please give a rough description of the scene: What vehicles and/or drones are there? How are they protected? How many people are there beside us? Are they actively and ostentatively chasing us and we running for our lives, or is it more of a barely visible shoving and gender pulling through the crowd? Have people realized what's going on? How do the guests react? What about securities?

For now, my intention was not to take heel and storm out but to vanish in an oblivious crowd. Is it too late for that?

That's also what bnc's body language indicated, in case that was unclear. She definitely didn't want her to go astral and draw attention when she whispered "get out of here, spell-defense". Well, anyway. Please help me find out whether this is a combat situation, a chase or just a discreet pursuit

Also, how much hacking can I reasonably do'm
Well, bnc surprised Anna with the running for our live bit... She still has no idea what is going on.
I don't know if you've ever been to the museum, but it's kind of amazing from an architectural point of view:

Basically you are on the second to highest level in the bowl

The floor winds up in a spiral with an open center.
The two guys with the mage are above you on the spiral, the chip head is below. The mage and his team haven't done anything so far but scan the crowd - and now look at Anna since she started assensing them.

The Chiphead is moving purposefully towards bnc - not fast, but determined. Fading in the crowd doesn't seem to work - maybe because Anna has a drone floating over her head. Beside that one there are no other drones up here.
There are lot of vehicles around, but those are museum pieces with no hackable parts.

There are other floating drones within 100m, but in different rooms.

QUOTE (Gilga @ Jul 24 2018, 12:47 PM) *
Well, bnc surprised Anna with the running for our live bit... She still has no idea what is going on.

She never said "run for your life", but whispered "get out, spell defense". Well, anyway, it's done and I don't blame you (bnc will, however wink.gif )

@Jack okay, thanks for the clarifications. Are there as few people as shown on the image or is it an actual crowd?

@gilga I don't know why you are thinking bnc is running. She is not and has never been. She softly whispered to you to get out, then rolled a Sneak check. She's not running, she's trying to blend in .
I just did not read it correctly, sorry I can edit.
I'd call it a moderate crowd: About 60 or so people on the upper plattform and about 40 on the one where you are. The Isetta is the car directly north of you.
Nah, it's okay. Too much has happened and I didn't indicate the whispering clearly either. We can just say that bnc's suddenly alarmed voice made Anna jumpy. She misinterpreted bnc's intentions and thought of fleeing rather than hiding. It's a tense situation and Anna had to decide in the blink of an eye what to do.

Nacl already gave you his contact and that of the hacker.
What about the drone that's hovering over us? Can I, even with eye contact, not mark it?

"The Chiphead is moving purposefully towards bnc - not fast, but determined. Fading in the crowd doesn't seem to work - maybe because Anna has a drone floating over her head"
Sorry, you did not specify that you wanted to hack that drone. The chiphead does not have a drone. Also you'd have to spend a simple action on Matrix Perception first. As soon as you do that you'll realize that this drone (a simple Horizon Flying Eye) is slaved to the local security host and currently following and filming autonomously Anna's activities.
Ah, you mean the fragging security drone xD
No, I'm not interested in that one biggrin.gif

Several questions, though:
Is the Ivetta online? Can I hack it?
What dice pool does it have? (i.e. If I have to make a Matrix Perception first: Matrix Perception: 15d6t5 9
Tell me everything ^^ especially what a defense dice pool I have to expect
If I can attack it directly: Please either count that roll I have already rolled or I'll reroll).
I have found no stats. What kind of car is it?
Are there any guards?
If I can get to the Ivetta: Is the processor there?
[wrong thread]
Sorry, as I wrote before: the Museum pieces are not functional.

If you want a hint: I described two prominent devices, that are certainly not slaved to a host
Okay ^^

What about the CCC people?
QUOTE (Jack_Spade @ Jul 24 2018, 09:34 PM) *
Sorry, you did not specify that you wanted to hack that drone. The chiphead does not have a drone. Also you'd have to spend a simple action on Matrix Perception first. As soon as you do that you'll realize that this drone (a simple Horizon Flying Eye) is slaved to the local security host and currently following and filming autonomously Anna's activities.

I was confused because you said there were no security drones at all.

His cyberhands are offline, right?
Sorry for the confusion. To make this perfectly clear:

Anna has - because she tried to smuggle a weapon - a small drone hovering over her, that transmitts her every action to a security host. On the other levels there were also security drones around, but on the highest and second highest level you didn't see any of them - which probably means something...

The cyberhands have no online bonus, so there is no reason for him to take them online, his other ware though...

The CCC people are not on this level - they decided to walk slowly up the spiral.

Recognizing that you have casted a spell is a Threshold 2 perception check. Since I don't want to roll for every person around, I'll just buy hits: About a third of them noticed your spell casting and everyone who is observing in detail also. As did your drone.

About 10% of the people can see through your spell - which by the way does nothing to change the AR overlay these people wear. So all in all you won't get more than a moment of confusion from the five chip heads
Did you notice that she has 7 spellcasting?
Oh right, I was confused by the write up. That shifts things a bit in your favor, but the people actively watching still notice (+3 bonus to perception) - after all the physical mask thing is pretty obvious...
About the AR difference, I expect bnc to take care of that, she is the decker after all.

I am not sure how are magical laws are, is it illegal to use illusion magic for say a practical joke? Though, I was counting on security being alarmed by Anna using magic. I did not want to have her do anything that actually gets her arrested though or harms another person. So I went for something that is more a joke than an actual harm. I hope that it would draw security close enough so that it does not escalate. At least that was her plan.
Initiative: 14+2d6 22

and there goes my plan to avoid violence wink.gif Jack - did you say that the rest of the chipheads are dashing toward bnc?

Illusion magic is not forbidden per se, it depends on what you are doing with it. Water baloons aren't forbidden either - but throwing them on people you don't know and without warning will likely alert security as well.

By the way: If you want to alert security: How about calling out for security? Or for help from the people around you?
I think that it is too late for that...
@Jack how tall is the ceiling of the place? I am considering levitating myself and bnc as the first action, hoping that (unless they have firearms - it would end the fight without violence).

Does that make sense where we are?

Jupp, it's a very high ceiling - though not high enough that you'd be out of range of thrown objects...
Do I need two spells or can I just grab bnc and levitate us both?
One spell will do
Yes, but I left a drone with the ccc hackers.
Did I reach the car and find the processor?
Could I load the soft and command the drone before this combat round?
Jupp, and they are three levels below you
Not yet, since you didn't say anything to that effect (at least I didn't remember reading it)
The combat started when Anna did her little stunt with her spell - loading your wires and sending a message are both simple actions, so you could do both if you win Ini.
ad 1: So? What does the camera feed say?

ad 2:
QUOTE (Volker @ Jul 24 2018, 10:05 PM) *
I can't believe that I have a fucking mage with me who would just stand and watch a bunch of weirdos geek me without much of a hassle!

bnc draws breath, then hurries towards the Ivetta. If you're not with me, then I'll survive on my own. And I have to know whether it was a set-up trap from the beginning!

ad 3: okay, thanks
They are enjoying themselves - looking at stands, chatting with vendors, etc.

Ah sorry, missed it indeed. Yes, as mentioned it was 15m away, your AGI is now high enough to get their walking within one combat round

And yes, the package is there.
Okay, to get this in order.
The 15 m distance was a couple posts ago. I guess I should have covered some space before Anna triggers the combat situation. With my first action, I can cover 8 m. Is this enough to spot the thing? Does spotting cost me a Simple Action? If not, am I close enough to grab the processor?

Is the mask spell Anna's first action of the combat round or does the combat round begin after that? Essentially, the question is: Can I snatch it before Anna flies me out of reach just mere inches before I can get hold of my tool ^^

I would appreciate if you could make a list of which actions happen in which order and which ones have already happened in the previous combat round (without rolling iniative) or in this one.
Order of operations as I understood If:
1) chiphead spots you, calls bis friends, moves in your direction
2) you spot chiphead and mage group, warn Anna
3) Anna starts assensing, takes full round for 5 people

New round
4) bnc looks at chiphead in the matrix and hacks his link
5) chiphead friends arrive
6) Anna moves away from bnc towards chiphead, casts Illusion
7) bnc moves to isetta, calls Skill wires and drone

Combat starts, everyone rolls ini
Bnc and Anna are roughly 10 m appart.
4 chipheads will attack bnc, 1 Anna

Alright, so how do we continue?
I take it that finding something to throw will take them a short while so we should have a few actions before we are bombarded right?

Can Anna understand which one interferes with her spell?
Perception (visual): 15d6t5 6

I realized that I forgot my Opposed roll against the Livatate spell:
Opposed roll: 3d6t5 1
So no chance anyway.

okay, so the Skill wires and the drone have already been activated when the round starts. In that case, I already have -5 INI.
[Edit]Wait: Unless I use it, I don't get the penalty. As I can't use it from the air, I still have INI 23

So we have by now:

Anna ?? cast Levitate spell
Singerian ?? Counterspell

Sharkboy 22 no action declared yet
Teeth 14 taking up stuff
bnc 18 - Hack (now)
Breath 13 taking up stuff
Wraith 13 taking up stuff
Cyberhands 13 taking up stuff
Boots 10 taking up stuff
Fists 9 taking up stuff

is that correct?

When will the drone be in position to shoot?

@gilga There's only one magical active opponent.
Why would bnc try to opose the levitation? It prevented her having to dodge from four creepy guys trying to whack her I thought she'd be happy about it... I wanted to ask if I can try the infamous GTFM strategy before we drop from the sky.

Question 1: Can Anna identify the mage.
Question 2: Is there a way to escape while flying (e.g. a window or to land somewhere tall that would make it more difficult to target us.)
QUOTE (Gilga @ Jul 26 2018, 06:17 AM) *
Why would bnc try to opose the levitation? It prevented her having to dodge from four creepy guys trying to whack her I thought she'd be happy about it... I wanted to ask if I can try the infamous GTFM strategy before we drop from the sky.

Question 1: Can Anna identify the mage.
Question 2: Is there a way to escape while flying (e.g. a window or to land somewhere tall that would make it more difficult to target us.

Because she's easy to spot, am easy target for ranged attacks, can't fight, can't move on her own and the spell can be broken, sending her 5 meters falling
Well, it seemed like a good move at the time... I was thinking invisibility as the next move for defense against the thrown stuff.
Though, we can just whack them with magic - I mean they have to be pretty superhuman strong to really hurt us with improvised thrown items. Though, if she see a way out of that combat she'll just take that.
I don't want to discuss plans with you OoC because I think it's part of the games that either one doesn't know what the other wants. Anna can tell, however, that bnc is furious and almost in a state of panic because she's soaring in 5 meters height, and that she's eager to kick some balls. You can tell that by her face. Oh, and she's screaming randomly stuff in German.
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