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To be continued someday?

[INACTIVE]Link to current run: Realms

The Evolution Campaign follows our characters as they begin their careers as petty criminals in the suburbs of the California Free State Bay Area, evolving into shadowrunners, and rising from the shadows as they play key roles in political and corporate wars.

I stole many missions from adventure books, and a few from the web, which I tweaked, edited or bastardized to keep everyone guessing, or to fix things I simply did not like.

Epoch - A group of criminals find themselves in over their head. Will it make or break them?
2057-2058 - Low Level Characters - Table Top
Knuckle Duster, V, The Relentless, RG, Falco, Yoshi
[ Spoiler ]

Survival - Five years in the shadows and the runners' reputations have grown. Can they survive the shadows long enough to reap the rewards of such fame?
2060-2061 Standard Level Characters - Table top and Forum
Knuckle Duster, V, The Relentless, RG, Bubba, Kliko, Ludi, Sugar, Felix, Jamie, Corsair, Starling
[ Spoiler ]

This post will be updated throughout the game, with character information, links to other threads, links to important events, and house rules. This post is also linked in my signature.

Set to your thread LINEAR
[ Spoiler ]

30 TEAM [Bubba, Kliko, Ludi, and Felix]
36 Total Used
10 Total Refreshed
4 Remaining

15 Used this Event
0 Due to Refresh

IC Link
OoC Link
IC Recruitment 3
OoC Recruitment 3
Recruitment 4

Payment from Radek
Meet with Mr. Smith
Payment from Mr. Smith
Karma Award - The Messenger
Mr and Mrs Johnson Job Offer in Denver
Karma Award - Cunning
Karma Award - Mile High Mayhem
The Tehran Job offer from Mrs. Johnson
Karma Award - Veil

IC Posts, OoC Posts, Internet Links

Map Links for "Veil"
Mission Loadout


[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

Original Cast
Jaruen - Jeremy Black Oak aka "Knuckle Duster" - Human, Amer-Indian - Physical Adept [KII - Eaten by Aden the Great Dragon in Tehran
baKon - Vreia aka "V" - Human Caucasian Mage/Healer [KII via Sniper headshot in Tehran]
Eggsn - Vrixa aka "the Roaming Gnome" - Weapons Specialist [MIA - Laying low, no contact]
the Relentless - Aerun Bolanti aka "the Relentless" - Decker/Face [MIA - Off grid, conducting "research"]

Sneaky Joe - Robert Johnson aka "Bubba" - Troll - Muscle
Kliko - David Hackman aka "Kliko" - Ork - Leader/Mercenary

Recruits 2
blindfox - "Sugar" - Human, Hispanic - Ex-military [MIA - Presumed running in South America]
Mister Juan - Ludmila Soren aka "Ludi" - Covert Operative

Recruits 3
ntwi - Miguel Hernandez aka "Felix" - Human, Aztec (Hispanic) - Jaguar Shaman
galenbd - April Peng aka "Jamie" - Combat Decker [MIA - Currently doing freelancer decker work]
klinktastic - Solomon Caine aka "Corsair" - Drone Rigger [KII- Died in Urban Brawl match when he fell under his own motorcycle]

Recruits 4
Forces in Motion- Yoshida "Miyako" Mai aka "Starling" - Human, Japanese - Physical Adept [KII via devil rats swarming and eating her
lorechaser- Big Ears "Drake" - Troll - Physical Adept [KII - Drowned in a port-a-potty while working as a sanitation worker]

Please turn off signatures for IC threads.
Hi... guess it works... now how to build a character???
Whaddup??? You don't remember how to build a shadowrun character, SJ? First of all, read the documents attached to the email that had this address in it...the first one has chargen rules in it. Brief summary, outline your character, answer all 35 questions as you have time (if you take time, and make it nice, you will benefit...I spent like 3 nightshifts during my security guard time on nothing but this). Then, make your character. There are three methods. The first and second we used a lot back in the day. First is priority (A-E, magic, attributes, skills, race, resources). The second is a modified, sum-of-ten priority. Basically, if you pick a non-magic user, sum of ten is a whole lot better than priority.

As I think I have all your books now and you live a bit away from me, here is the run-down on the gen, in this order: Magic; race; attributes; skills; resources.

A: Full Mage; nul value; 30 atts; 50 skills; 1,000,000
B: Aspected Mage (i.e. adept, summoner, conjurer, aspected shaman); nul-value; 27 atts; 40 skills; 400,000
C: nul-value; elf or troll; 24 atts; 34 skills; 200,000 (I think that is right...)
D: nul-value; dwarf or ork; 21 atts; 30 skills; 50,000
E: nul-value; human; 18 atts; 26 skills (think that's right); 5,000

The third method, point buy, is listed in the Shadowrun Companion, and is both lengthy, and I believe proprietary (which means I can't print it in a public forum...heck, the basic info I just did print might get me in trouble...I don't remember if that is proprietary or open source.) It is slightly advantageous to use that method, as it allows for complete tweaking, but if you don't have the book, you won't be at any major disadvantage if you use one of the first two methods.

Now, to help you decide what you want to make, I am playing an Amer-Ind/Jap half-breed Phys Ad. Um, wow, I don't really remember much more than that. Hehe, Bastard, if you could either scan and send me a copy, or bring it over to my parent's house tomorrow (I will be down for the Super Bowl, but heading back up here Sunday night), that would be awesome.

I guess that is all I have time for, as I am moving across town tomorrow and need to get to sleep now. Any more questions, post them, I will be away from a connection for a bit (I still haven't called AT&T yet to switch addresses on my service, wow), but as soon as I get up, I will help as I can. And of course, Bastard will be around
The attached CharGen rules in the email state you get 135 Build Points instead of the normal 123-125, so definitely use that method.

And in case you didnt know... we are playing 3rd Edition.

Jaruen... turn off your signature punk. I will be making a computerized copy of your character. Do you have excel? I am working graves so I am sleeping in until kickoff tomorrow, so swing by before you head out of town.
Sneaky gave me his character idea, so we are now building his character, and then we will be ready to go.

However, I have not received any replies from Eggsn.

I have also edited the first post to add Sneaky's character's info.

Eggsn, baKon, Relentless - please post on this thread so I know you are ready.
Can we play hide the donuts???
I'm ready.
Does everyone have excel? That is what I am using to email your characters back to you. I am off work for a while, so I may even have the IC up earlier than projected.
The Relentless
Alright. I'm here.
I have excel...
Jaruen - resent your character sheet with an added contact.

baKon - you character is on the way.

Sneaky - Bubba is on his way
You guys need to add a little to the details of your character's contacts. What do they look like, how does your character know them, how do you exchange information/favors, ect.

Everyone will have to do this for their contacts. It makes the game more fun so I will have more NPCs to play, plus its worth karma, karma, karma.

Relentless and Eggsn, working on your character transitions now.
Ok...I have sent everyone their characters back. Once you all fill out your contacts and enemies and email them back to me, I can post the IC thread.
Ok I am ready,

Question on Karma, if i wanted to raise my stats to the below figures is the cost and breakdown correct?

Willpower from 3 to 5
3-->4 cost 4
4-->5 cost 5

Intelligence from 3 to 4
3-->4 cost 4

Total Karma spent 13?

What would it cost to raise my shotgun skill up 2 notches?

Attributes cost 2 times the new rating to improve, so:
3--->4 costs 8 karma
4--->5 costs 10 karma

To increase your Willpower from 3 to 5 will cost 18 karma. Bringing your Intelligence up to 4 will cost another 8 karma for a grand total of 26.

When you hit racial modifier levels the cost will be 3 x the new rating.
Here are giant levels: B 11 Q 5 S 11 C 4 I 4 W 6

Your shotgun skill is already pretty high, and are based off your Quickness. Modified, your Quickness is a 6.

Your shotgun skill is a 5, with your specialization being a 7.*

To increase your shotgun skill to a 6 will cost 1.5 x the new rating, so you will use 9 karma.

Going past your Attribute rating (6) costs 2 x the new rating, so to bring your shotgun from 6 to 7 would cost you 14 karma. This would bring your grand total, shotgun skill from 6 to 8 costing 23 karma

Your specialization is a 7. Bringing that to an 8, since it is past your attribute rating is still only 1 x the new rating, so you would spend 8 karma. To go to 9 would be another 9 karma, so your total karma spent to go from 7 to 9 would be 17 karma.

If you were not going past your Attribute score the cost would only be .5 x the new rating. Specializations cannot exceed 2x the base skill.

*Note: On your character sheet your shotgun/specialization is written as 6/8 due to your Enhanced Articulation Bioware. This does not affect improving skills, thus we used the 5/7.


Bubba will do the 26 karma increase to both intel and will then.

Intel ought to raise Bubba's reaction by 1 and the will power helps against magic.
Ok, I will adjust your sheet here.
Hey, working on my contacts now...did notice one problem though...the group's adept has no adept powers. I will finish up my contacts, send it back, and let you send me back my re-updated character sheet

I got them.

Dont forget to do your enemy and lifestyles too, and then post on the IC thread. The link is on the first post of this thread.
My intro is rather passive, hope what I put gives you something to work with...especially considering this is now a two player/1 GM game. Oh, I would like to spend 12 Karma raising my quickness back to 6, and then my 26 points left, I would like to start purchasing the adept powers I have 5 years from now, but don\'t have this is something different from initiating, I have no idea how much to spend on them. Please let me know.
Why hide the post? It's not like I can't read it, in fact it makes me more willing to read it... MUHAHAHA!

QUOTE (Jaruen @ Feb 19 2009, 11:24 AM) *
My intro is rather passive, hope what I put gives you something to work with...especially considering this is now a two player/1 GM game. Oh, I would like to spend 12 Karma raising my quickness back to 6, and then my 26 points left, I would like to start purchasing the adept powers I have 5 years from now, but don\'t have this is something different from initiating, I have no idea how much to spend on them. Please let me know.

Set it back? You should be at your chargen level now, plus any karma spent. I have your updated character sheet, just need you to email me your contacts.

EDIT-Oh... never mind, I got your character sheet. I will add your adept powers to it and email it to you after I make my IC posts and attach your contacts.
Oh, so the whole '5 years in the past' thing is done now? Okay, that sounds good, although I thought my skills were a bit higher...I guess I am just used to prioritizing skills at A or B. Hehe. So, if I am getting my 6 Adept points back, then I need to find out about initiating. I will do most of that IC, I think, but I would like to have a general idea of Karma my SR book is still in one of the many boxes I have in my garage. I am locking in that 12 point, raise Quickness from 5 to 6. That is my final answer.

and Keith, I hid the post to see what it did. I play PbP on other sites, and they have ways to secret a message to whomever you wish to read it, on one site it is with SECRET tags, on another with PRIVATE tags. I just wanted to see if this site used HIDE tags for the same purpose. Remember all the times one of us would have to walk back with the DM to do something that would probably screw over one of our teammates? Well, the PRIVATE/SECRET tags resolve that issue.
Track back about 8 posts where I explained karma expenditures to SneakyJoe. rollin.gif

question.gif Does this answer your question? question.gif
Dont forget to let me know how much everyone wants to donate to the Team Karma Pool. You can donate up to half of your Karma Pool. Team refreshes every encounter, Individual refreshes at the end of the adventure.

Bubba - 5
Duster - 3
Kliko - 3
Team - ??
I'll donate one (I can't help it, this character is a sucker for teamplay).


2 and no more... also I guess I am waiting on you to decide when Bubba arrives to the war room before i post on IC again.
Sorry Sneaky... go ahead and post.

I edited my last IC post so that everyone has arrived at the War Room.

Karma Pools

Bubba - 3
Duster - 3
Kliko - 2

Team - 3

Remember... team karma pool refreshes ever encounter, individual pool refreshes every adventure.
Ok, entry post is up. I'll sit back and relax until everybody has had a go at posting.


Next IC is up (I will go to bed now)

In case any negotiation rolls are required pls find them below:

1d6=2, 1d6=2

Not to much, but you never know. I still have to experiment somehwat with the open function on invisible castle, but this will have to do for now.
I didnt care for invisible castle and I cant find my other dice roller. Thats why I use honesty rl roll method.

Feel free to post upon your awakening... don't let jaruen hold you up!

Had to get that shot in, Jaruen.
Shasta links

This Google-Wiki Map will probably be quite helpful, especially for Kliko. You can zoom in and out, but where I have the link set to, you will find the Bay Area at the bottom and Shasta near the top (just north of Redding on the I-5).

Information of Mount Shasta at Mount Shasta Wiki

City propaganda from Mt. Shasta
Shast Home
Mt. Shasta Home

Thanks for the links. I will look into them. Any word from Daruen yet?
not yet... i will call him again today
That's alright, I will post somewhere in the coming night for your time (tomorrow CET time). That should give him and SneakyJoe an opportunity to react first. Didn't they tell the poor runners? Never, ever, ever deal with dragons cyber.gif
well technically they arent dealing with a dragon as much as they are just stealing from one.
IC post is up. I will leave it up to Bastard to either split in groups or not. This should provide some flexibility with Daruen's post-rate. You could either go for me and Bubba, or Bubba + (N)PC and Kliko + (N)PC and Knuckle Duster + (N)PC or any combination thereof and play/script them as you see fit.
Okay, I am back...Jamie has been rather 'I need you to stay off the computer for today' for the last week or fact, she just told me to get off again, but I am going to post here...
I will donate 1 point of Karma...I can't really afford more right now (Bad Karma flaw)
Tell to wife that I said you need to post once a day, or I will sic my attack cat on her.

Updated karma pool in my sig
Or tell her it's good for both her and especially your karma rotfl.gif.

Duster should be fine with the current setup though. At least the damned ork seems confident he can guide the crew down Shasta mountain in pitch black.
Feel free to keep posting... I am going to keep the other PC's (Now NPC's) action pretty cut back now that you guys are all up to speed on the mission.
Bubba's getting bored... rotate.gif
The troll or SneakyJoe twirl.gif?

I'm waiting for Daruen to post first. Then we should be able to fast forward somewhat in time.
Well the troll is definetly getting bored his attention span is pretty weak as you may have gathered, he just wants to hit stuff.

I would like things to move a little faster, but alas we all have busy lives!
Be patient young padawan grinbig.gif.

Furthermore I will be skiing in France next week and have limited internet acces in the ski-resort. Best to inform you in advance.
Thanks for the notice.

Dont wait on Jaruen to post. He will have to play catch up.
I will bump the IC later today. How are you guys acquiring these extra cars?

I got the van that is at Shasta
I got Kliko's ride

How many more cars are you taking? Relentless may be able to arrange it with a little left over from the team petty cash.

How is everyone getting to and out of Shasta? Dont forget V has a small Cessna that can be used to get to Tir.

QUOTE (Kliko in email)

I figured it such that we should arrange:

- 1x replacement get away car through a fixer (not being Jazz) to be parked at Lakeshore
- 1x replacement get away car through a fixer (not being Jazz) to be parked at Yreka.
- 1x additional getaway car through a fixer (not being Jazz) to get our asses from Redding to Shasta.

All cars very much standard, second hand, non-descript Ford Americars or similar.

Kliko will setup two routes from the lodge up the mountain and prepares two get-us-fraggers-of-this-mountain routes back from the lodge (one preferred, the other back-up) in advance and with the help of the mapsofts provided through the Relentless.

At Shasta we best have V maintaining astral overwatch from the cabin as well as RG maintaining physical overwatch on V.

We trail up the mountain teaming Duster with the Relentless and Bubba with Kliko. This should allow some flexibility for encounters and posting frequencies during the hike up Shasta. Kliko is pushing for making the hit under cover of darkness, but will yield to the others depending on their physical condition up at camp (or just take a 3 hour break to catch some rest).
After the job and off the mountain we split up with a party of NPC's making it for the Tir border and switching cars once, the other party of PC's making it back to the Bay area and switching cars twice (first Lakeshore, second in Kliko's wheels at Redding) or vice versa, depending where Aaron wants us both parties will hold a copy of the paydata.
The basic idea is to drive Kliko┬┤s wheels upto Redding, switch cars and drive upto the cabin.

Then on the return trip (for the Bay area crew) we switch cars at Lakeshore and again back to Kliko's wheels in Redding.

Using the Cessna to fly to the Tir sounds fine by me for the Tir-headed crew (if they can find a suitable air-strip and enough time to get the plane there).

I will be driving for the entire day tomorrow and will be away from the net for at least the next two-three days.

Where are you guys getting the throw away car? You want Relentless to hook you up?

Have fun on your trip. We will hear back from you in a few days. I bet you post before jaruen.
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